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Employment Services Institute (ESI)

The ESI is a professional body dedicated to advancing practitioners’ career and professional standing as well as building recognition of the professionalism of the employment services sector, more broadly.

The Employment Services Institute (ESI) is a division of the National Employment Services Association (NESA), the peak body for the Australian employment services sector.

Established in 1997, NESA is a member organisation that exists to represent its members and the employment services sector. NESAs membership is extensive and diverse encompassing provider organisations involved in all Australian Government contracted employment services. NESA promotes good practices, and the reputation of the sector including through its Code of Ethics for organisational members.

NESA has established the Employment Services Institute (ESI) as the professional body for the employment services workforce.

The ESI membership levels reflect categories of professional recognition.

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The ESIs objective is to develop the professionalism and capability of the workforce in order to continuously improve service quality and results achieved by employment services for stakeholders including participants, employers, Governments and the Australian public, through:

Implementing the Employment Services Professional Recognition Framework to support and guide frontline practitioners career development and skilled practice

Implementing the Employment Services Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics to promote the highest standards of integrity, accountability, respect and professionalism across our sector

Delivering professional development opportunities tailored to the unique and specific learning needs of the employment services sector including forums, networks and information hubs to support practitioner development via knowledge and practice exchange

Promoting the good work and contribution made by the sector’s workforce to ensure it is rightfully recognised


Professionals are proud to be part of an ethical and respected field of endeavour and deserve recognition for their dedication and achievements.

ESI formally recognises practitioners’ skills and promotes rightful public recognition of the professional accomplishment of the sector’s workforce.


Professionals in respected fields commit to ongoing learning, best practice, and career development.

The ESI supports professional development via access to high-quality training and learning resources specifically tailored to the sector that help practitioners take control of their career.


The most successful professionals benefit from networks which enable lively, active, and mutually rewarding relationships with professional peers.

The ESI facilitates professional networks and knowledge exchange via regular networking events, and active online communities.

ESI membership is open to all who work or aspire to work in Employment Services or related sectors.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

By joining the ESI you will demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning and growth. The ESI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is a system of points-based learning activities that enable you to grow your knowledge and skills to advance your professional standing and career. As a member of ESI you have CPD requirements of 12 points per annum.

ESI Professional Development

The ESI is committed to the professionalisation of the employment services sector. The ESI’s professional development program has been structured to ensure practitioners can select CPD activity that meaningfully meets their individual need through provision of extensive training and activity. Our options are tailored to the specific needs of the sector, reflect the range of roles and are delivered flexibly with various delivery modes available using NESAs national network of expert trainers and consultants.

The ESI Professional Development includes workshops (face to face), webinars and online coaching programs.

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Exclusive Access to the NESA Practitioner Toolkit

Finding it hard to find the time to find the best information? Let us do the running around for you.

We’ll bring you the best information in such important areas as discrimination in employment, family violence, homelessness and working with participants with criminal records. We’ll search, sort, evaluate and publish the very best from across the web and our own expert content.

20% Discount on Selected Excelsia College Courses

Employment Services Institute has partnered with Excelsia College, a Higher Education institution to offer Professional Development and Higher Education courses across the Employment Services Sector in Australia.

Employment Services Institute members that enrol in selected educational courses at Excelsia College will receive a 20% discount. Some of the courses include:

1. Effective Leadership and Management – EDM507
2. Professional Ethics – BUS508

3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability – BUS513
4. Organisational Behaviour and Leadership – BUS501
5. Organisational Learning and Change – BUS510
6. Creativity and Innovation for Leadership – EDM508
Course duration: 12 wks  |  Online delivery

CVCheck: Predictive Psychometric Assessments FREE OF CHARGE

100 ESI members can now access and complete psychometric assessment free of charge. Predictive Psychometric Assessments are offered through ESI and NESA partner, CVCheck.

Harness the power of data-driven psychometric assessments to scientifically predict your suitability for a role.

Predictive Psychometric Assessments limited to one assessment per ESI member for the duration of the membership period for the following categories:

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Allied Health Professional

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Contact Centre Representative (Comprehensive)

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Graduate Assessment (Comprehensive)

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Professional Individual

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Project Manager

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Recruitment Advisor

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Recruitment Advisor (Senior)

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Recruitment Consultant

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Recruitment Consultant (Senior)

Australia: Psychometric Assessment – Senior Executive


Responsibilities of Your Membership

By joining the ESI, you have joined your colleagues in a commitment to uphold the Employment Services Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics and Practice.

It is only through the combined effort of individual practitioners and organisations can the sector as a whole shine.

NESA has a Code of Ethics for its organisational members. The ESI, as the professional body dedicated to advancing employment services practitioners’ career and professional standing as well as recognition of the professionalism of the sector, also has the Employment Services Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics and Practice.

The Four Pillars of the Employment Services
Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics and Practice

The ESI Employment Services Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics and Practice sets out the ethical values, principles, and standards of conduct which enable employment services sector practitioners, collectively and individually, to provide the public with a high quality, ethical, professional service. This Code is also intended to enhance and protect the reputation of the profession and its members through articulating their commitment to practice according to the values, principles and behaviours it specifies. In defining this ethical framework, the Code provides employment services organisations, clients and members of the public with an understanding of what to expect in the ethical and professional conduct of practitioners. NESA also has a Code of Ethics which all corporate member organisations are required to subscribe to.

The ESI Employment Services Practitioners Code of Professional Ethics and Practice applies to all roles within employment services and will assist practitioners to achieve their professional objectives in an ethically accountable manner.

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Membership Categories and Fees

ESI membership categories are inclusive of experience, qualifications and achievements providing a framework for career development.

Registered Practitioner Employment Service

$ 190
  • GST Inclusive

Professional Practitioner Employment Service

$ 280
  • GST Inclusive

Fellow Employment

$ 280
  • GST Inclusive

Life Fellow of Employment Services

  • .

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