Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

Opportunity for everyone through
employment and inclusion

NESA’s guiding vision is opportunity for all through employment and inclusion, and a key part of achieving this is representing the sector to Government: making sure the concerns, queries and suggestions of people delivering Employment Services are heard and understood by policy makers.

We do this in a range of ways through:

Participation   |   Meetings   |   Written submissions


NESA’s participation on government and key stakeholder advisory and reference groups ensures there is an influential, representative voice on policy and program arrangements including transition arrangements, future policy and program design, and the effectiveness of supporting frameworks such as IT systems. 

NESA also uses these groups to raise identified issues and concerns, and works with government and key stakeholders on measures to address them.

Many of the advisory and reference groups are established as time-limited, specific purpose groups, often established during critical junctures such as procurement, the development of a new program, and transition.

Advisory and reference groups that NESA is currently represented on includes:

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
Peak Bodies Working Group, IT Advisory Group, National CEO forums

Department of Social Services
Disability and Health Sector Consultations Committee

National Indigenous Australians Agency
CDP Special Interest Group, CDP Provider Meetings

Key Stakeholder
Financial Inclusion Action Plan Advisory Group, Health Benefits of Good Work Signatory Steering Group, Client Services Industry Reference Committee, National Youth Employment Body Advisory Group (Brotherhood of St Laurence)


NESA participates in numerous meetings with government officials on behalf of members, including:

The Australian Government Departments: Employment and Workplace Relations | Social Services | National Indigenous Australians Agency | Services Australia | Education
The Australian National Audit Office
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
The National Disability Insurance Agency
State and Territory Government Departments

NESA also directly engages with Ministers, Shadow Ministers and parliamentary staff across the employment, workforce participation, social services, disability services, Indigenous Australians, youth and skills portfolios to discuss sectoral challenges, and propose evidence-based solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for government and the sector.

NESA has strong formal and informal relationships with key stakeholders and strategic partners as there is a shared goal to see full employment, so all Australians have an opportunity to secure quality and sustainable work, and no one is left behind as Australia’s workforce and economy evolves.


NESA’s submissions in response to parliamentary inquiries, independent reviews, and department consultations are evidence-based and draw on information from consultations with members and key stakeholders, surveys, and research. NESA also gleans information from international networks and resources such as the OECD.


NESA is an apolitical organisation and has strong, established relationships with key departmental officials and Ministers of all administrations.

As a representative body, NESA encourages members to participate in NESA’s SIGs, working groups and forums.

We also welcome you to get in touch with us at any time either by email or by phone


Phone: +61 3 9624 2300

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