Professional Development

“I am a professional in the employment service industry…”

This is the phrase NESA wants all of our members to be able to shout from the rooftops.

Employment services practitioners, managers and leaders are required to remain up-to-date with policy and good practice. NESA can help you understand the ever-changing environment you work in, to manage many competing priorities, and to support job seekers achieve their potential and meet employer needs. It’s a tough gig – but NESA’s training and professional development solutions are designed to support you and your team to achieve your greatest potential.
12 - NESA Professional Development

Why train with us!

Training with NESA will provide you with…

Current and best-practice training from some of the industries’ most respected trainers and consultants.

Programs that suit your professional development needs no matter what stage of your career you are at and what your goals are.

A variety of training formats to suit you and your organisation’s individual circumstances.

A cost effective training solution designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

Opportunities to network with other industry staff.

Flexible Programs

NESA professional development programs are designed with consideration to your busy schedules. We offer flexible programs including our popular webinars and our workshop programs that can be individualised to your needs.

We understand that your time is precious, so we have developed a number of webinars designed to be viewed in real-time and also recorded for your viewing at a time that suits you. Workshops will cater for those training programs where attendance is indispensable.

All programs can be:

  • Customised and contextualised to your organisation’s staff training needs
  • Delivered in-house within your workplace
  • Delivered in accordance to your busy schedules

Meet our trainers

“Train with some of the most respected trainers and consultants in the industry…”

Coaching programs

NESA has consulted with our members and developed a range of staff coaching programs to meet current training needs for the employment services sector.

NESA Coaching Program Facilitators are experts who have extensive experience in the employment services sector as well as online training facilitation skills. These coaching programs are delivered over a series of online training sessions using virtual classroom technology to create an interactive learning environment.

Your investment in these sessions will ensure you see a change in behaviour back in the workplace. This will be achieved using a range of action-based learning activities. Participants will have opportunities to experience a true adult learning experience through opportunities to share knowledge and experience and to apply their learning back in the workplace.

These coaching programs will include:

  • Multiple training sessions
  • Work-based application learning activities
  • Student discussion groups
  • Student interactive activities
  • Review sessions to embed learning
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Breakout activities


NESA has seen an increase in the number of participants in our webinars. Consequently, we have increased the number of webinars available to you.

We consulted with our members and developed a range of topics to meet current training needs for the employment services. NESA Webinar Facilitators are experts who have extensive experience in the employment services sector as well as webinar facilitation skills.

These webinar programs have been designed to provide current and useful information to help you to gain a broader understanding of the professional employment services landscape.

These webinar programs are:

  • Presented by professional facilitators
  • Time & cost effective
  • Interactive and engaging (no “Death by PowerPoint” here!)
  • Held regularly at different times throughout the day
  • Accessible no matter where you are


“NESA workshops are engaging and informative. All workshops can be contextualised around your organisational policies and procedures.”

Although NESA has seen an increase in the number of participants in our webinars, there are some topics that will always need that face-to-face interaction and engagement. Generally NESA Workshops cover those topics that are more complex such as Dealing with Aggressive Behaviours and Case Management.

NESA has a pool of highly experienced workshop facilitators skilled in delivering engaging and informative sessions. These programs have been designed as full-day experiences. They include refreshments, lunch and all reference material.

In-house Workshops

NESA can develop any in-house workshops that meet your organisational training requirements. With in-house workshops, there are no minimum numbers for attendance and they are contextualised to suit specific workplace or government contract needs. Our trainers will consult with you before the training to develop a program aligned with your current organisational policies and procedures.

Leadership Programs

NESA is now offering specialised leadership programs from our highly skilled Industry Partners.

NESA’s Industry Partners offer a range of specialised leadership skills across a range of topics including:

Strategy | Governance | Influencing | Negotiation | CEO Coaching | Project Management | Change Management | Soft Skills | Conflict Management | Organisational Change

Additionally, NESA is now offering executive coaching programs for our senior executive members, please review our Leadership Catalogue for more information.



Are you looking for ways for your staff to develop skills on a regular basis?