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Every fortnight NESA scans news, data and research releases that are relevant to the employment services industry. We also have a direct line on parliamentary releases. We identify the key material that members may be interested in. We often feature good news stories to help promote the positive achievements of consultants, job seekers and employers. We include focus articles on Employment Services staff whenever we can. You can contribute to this if you want by sending us some information on an outstanding staff member you would like to see recognised.

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Every fortnight we publish a running update of upcoming professional development and capability building events – webinars, workshops, coaching programs, forums and conferences ­– that we organise to provide employment services practitioners at all levels with valuable and applicable tools, guidance and support to make your professional lives easier, and to help you advance your careers. NESA events regularly bring together providers, NESA’s industry partners and key Ministers and Departmental staff to discuss major issues facing the sector, and to learn from each other’s experience. 

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A short, sharp message providing you with information, and a reminder that not to be missed webinars, workshops, coaching programs are about to happen. It provides you with a summary of the topic, and a description about the facilitator with links for further information. Perfect for those that like to quickly scan through their messages.

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From the Desk of NESA CEO Sally Sinclair: This bulletin is sent to member industry leaders – the key decision makers within your organisation. The focus is on strategic issues for the industry and updates on NESA representation, advocacy and industry development as well as programme policy developments. Receipt of this bulletin is by nomination only. Please ensure the key leaders in your organisation are included.