NESA International

NESA International

In today’s employment market, having the right policies, programmes and practice in place to support job seekers into work and to meet employer needs is more important than ever before. We at NESA are uniquely placed to support you in achieving optimal outcomes in the development and delivery of government contracted employment services – wherever you are across the globe.

Supporting the Development of Employment Services Internationally

NESA has a team of expert advisors who are able to work alongside governments and organisations providing advisory services in policy design and implementation, including marketization, capacity building, change management, business modelling, research, performance improvement and contract audits and evaluation.


Since 1998, NESA has supported both the Australian government and local organisations to become world leaders in the provision of government contracted employment services and is an active member of World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) and the OECD Local Economic and Employment (LEED) Programme.

NESA’s expertise in supporting excellence in policy and programme design, implementation and practice means that we are uniquely placed to assist governments and organisations in developing or improving the delivery of local employment services, anywhere in the world.

We have an extensive understanding of the intricate relationship between government policy, community expectations and the delivery of contracted employment services.

We understand that just as every job seeker is different, so too is every job market. Whether the problem is high youth unemployment, long term unemployment, an ageing job seeker population, geographically remote communities or a declining industry base, we have the skills and expertise to assist both governments and organisations in finding the right national and/or local solution.

NESA International Solutions​

NESA has an international capacity to deliver tailored, market-specific policy support and guidance, advisory services, capacity building and programme design solutions. 
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NESA Consultancy​

Our advisors have been individually selected based on their extensive experience across the employment and related services industry and their ability to extract Australian and international best practice and transfer this into national and/or local policy and programmes providing assistance with:

  • Policy design, implementation and evaluation
  • Government programme reforms
  • Employment Service delivery model design
  • Capacity building and performance improvement
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NESA Capacity Building​

NESA has experience in delivering over 150 capacity building programmes to employment service providers, and have worked with and supported boards, executives, and local management and frontline workers in:

  • Business and budget modelling
  • Performance improvement strategies and frameworks
  • Change management
  • Contract audits and evaluation
  • Governance
  • Partnership agreements and mediations
  • Community and employer engagement strategies
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NESA Professional Development

The suite of services offered by NESA includes a comprehensive scope of professional development programmes that can be tailored to complement a government or organisational need. With our extensive networks and partnerships, NESA is able to design a solution tailored to your operational or policy requirements. Our professional development includes, but is not limited to:

  • National and Industry Forums and Conferences
  • Policy Forums
  • Leadership Forums
  • e-Learning and Classroom Training
  • Workforce Development Strategies
  • Organisational Profiling and Accreditation
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NESA Standards

NESA recognises the need for high quality performance of people and organisations in government contracted employment services. We have developed and maintain frameworks to guide continuous delivery improvement and that recognise and encourage professionalisation through an ongoing commitment to learning and development. NESA is well placed to assist in the design and implementation of such frameworks to suit the particular needs of employment services solutions worldwide.
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NESA Research and Strategies

NESA has a team of professional industry specialists who have extensive experience in Australian and international employment services and broader labour market research and policy. Our research team continues to review and evaluate policy, best programme practice, business models and political agendas to ensure that we are well informed in our advice to clients of suitable strategies. We ensure that our intervention and support is evidenced based and at the forefront of international best practice.