Employment Services Workforce Survey

Australian Employment Services Workforce Survey of Remuneration and Human Resource Management Performance 2023

The Biennial Survey of Remuneration Benchmarks and HRM Performance in the Australian Employment Services Sector will be conducted through October and November 2023, in conjunction with Maguire Consulting.

Sponsored by the National Employment Services Association (NESA), the data collected and reported to participants enables providers to benchmark their key personnel remuneration and HRM performance against the key indicators of good management practice in the sector and the wider Australian economy.

The survey investigates the nature and levels of remuneration paid to key personnel within employment services organisations in Australia, and reports on human resource management performance benchmarks in areas considered critical to business performance.

The survey reveals significant trends in staff turnover, salary movements and bonus and incentive payments, and offers calculations on the cost of employment, staff induction and training and staff replacement. HR topics investigated include recruitment and retention, staff learning and development and employee welfare.

The latest survey in the series will also survey the impact of COVID-19 emergency measures on the employment services workforce as well as contributing to an evidence base that will assist NESA to effectively promote the interests of the sector.

The survey report will enable your organisation to compare your performance and consolidate your business strategies as they relate to the fast changing environment of the employment services sector.

As the survey is exclusively of Australian employment service providers we are keen to ensure the invitation to participate is sent to the appropriate person in each organisation. For example, you may wish to delegate the task of completing the survey to another person or members of your management team.

If you have any questions or you do not wish to receive an invitation to participate please contact Paul Maguire

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Be rewarded for participating

Participating organisations receive substantial discounts (up to 40%) on the purchase price of the report!!

Report Information​

Every two years since 2000, NESA has commissioned a broad and detailed survey of remuneration and human resource management within the Employment Services Sector. This report, carried out by Maguire Consulting, gives a valuable insight into the evolution of the sector. Since 2000, we have refined the data we sample to ensure that the survey is rich and relevant.

For any enquiries, please contact maguire@maguire.com.au or phone on 1300 021 800

further Information​

This biennial survey is undertaken confidentially by Maguire Consulting (contracted by NESA) and it canvasses all contracted employment services – big and small, not-for-profit and for-profit. The survey is relevant to all organisations delivering any employment service program within the Australian employment services sector. It builds on previous surveys showing trends since 2000, and will provide valuable sector benchmarks and trends for remuneration in 20+ key positions, employment costs, recruitment, retention and expenditure in learning and development.

The information collected will enable the sector to understand how it performs compared to the rest of the Australian economy as well as allowing individual organisations to benchmark their HRM performance against the key indicators of good management practice for their sector. The survey will also contribute to an evidence base that will assist NESA to effectively promote the interests of the sector.

Confidentiality and Privacy

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Dedicated Help Desk Support

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1. Refer to the Questions and Guidelines (PDF) available upon survey log in. Then check the section WHAT DOES IT MEAN? for the particular question.

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