October 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
On line broadcast
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Max Croft

3 part online Coaching Program

New Starters- Introduction to Australia's Employment Services Sector

Monday 19 October 2020

Starts at 3.00pm AEDT (2.30pm SA, 2.00pm QLD, 1.30pm NT, and 12 noon WA)

Target Group

New Starters in the Employment Services Sector


Hit the ground running; for the new starters in the Employment services

The coaching program is designed to assist your new starters (regardless of which program) to quickly gain an understanding of our employment services sector, and to gain skills and knowledge to help them work with the big numbers of participants entering into the programs.

Over 3 webinar sessions, Damien Opolski will comprehensively introduce staff to the programs and components that make up today’s employment services industry. We’ll look at how employment services have evolved, and see what’s required to achieve results in a rapidly changing labour market. We’ll look at the role of Services Australia in assessing and referring job seekers to programs, and the role of providers in developing the Job/Participation Plans that underpin services and ensure job seekers can meet their mutual obligation requirements.

Regardless of which program you’re recruiting for, our New Starters- Introduction to Australia’s Employment Services Sector series will perfectly complement your own induction programs.


The Intro to Employment Services coaching program has been developed by Damien Opolski. Damien has a background in delivering employment services and for a number of years managed the Departments Learning Centre. He has designed the program to help new starters better understand the context and concepts of the government‘s approach to employment services. It gives new starters an opportunity to better learn the ‘big picture’ and where they sit.

Session 1: An overview of today’s employment services programs – Monday 19 October 2020 at 3pm AEDT

looks at how services have evolved as the labour market has changed. We get an overview of today’s suite of programs and how the programs are tailored to the different client groups. We look at the concept of Mutual Obligations and the role of employment providers in assessing and working with job seekers to meet the objectives of work, engagement and participation. We look at the future of services and how digital servicing is expected to play an increasing role for some job seekers, with enhanced face to face servicing for those likely to benefit from a case management service.

We look at the features which are common across all programs:

  • The role of Services Australia in ‘triaging’ jobseekers to appropriate services through JSCI, ESAt and JCA assessments, and determining a job seekers MOR
  • We learn how some clients, such as vulnerable youth and those who are at risk of retrenchment, can access services
  • We look at the role of the provider in assessing vocational and non-vocational characteristics and negotiating the ‘contract’, or Job Plan, that underpins services.
  • We talk briefly about the role of service fees and outcome fees, and how the Departments assess provider performance for efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

Session 2: The Australian labour market – yesterday, today and tomorrow – Wednesday 21 October 2020 at 3pm AEDT

looks at our evolving labour market and opportunities for our clients. We look at causes of unemployment and LTUE, and how the labour market has changed as a result of automation, efficiency and globalisation. We look at the data which tells us about the types of work that our clients tend to find. Most importantly, we look at trends in the labour market which inform us about the future of work and opportunities for our client base.

Session 3: Mutual Obligation Requirements and the Job Seeker and Targeted Compliance Frameworks – Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 3pm AEDT

looks in more detail at MOR and compliance. We look in more detail at part-time and full-time MOR and how job seekers can meet their MOR. We introduce new starters to the TCF- the concept of demerits and the use of income support suspension to keep people engaged.

In addition, new starters have the opportunity to tap into Damien’s 35 years of experiences in the sector.


The live sessions will include ample Q&A time, and each will run for no longer than 90 minutes. The model of delivery for this coaching program requires learners to “learn by doing” where by participants are expected to contribute to the discussion. Once the series has been completed, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Damien Opolski

Many of you will know Damien from his time as the director of the Department’s Learning Centre. Over the years he has played a key role in the delivery of both policy and systems information, training and performance management. If you have been in the sector for a while you would most likely seen him at an information session or heard him via webinar.

In this role he was responsible for the performance of up to 150 staff.

Earlier in his career he spent a number of years on the front line; Damien estimates that he has conducted over 10,000 job seeker interviews and worked with hundreds of employers.

Damien is an excellent communicator, who enjoys interacting and sharing his system expertise with his audience.

Damien has a Bachelor of Economics from Adelaide University, as well as Diplomas in Training and Assessment, and Project Management. He is also a qualified Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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