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Enabling technology for employment services and DES

ASX-listed ReadyTech is the home to Job Ready, the market’s leading employment services management system and Esher House, which delivers behavioural science-backed assessment, analytics and intervention technology to support employment outcomes for providers.

With a 20-year track-record of working with employment services providers to help evolve their operations with innovative technology, services and insight, we support the success of providers and the achievement of meaningful work outcomes for job seekers.


Job Ready is the leading business management system for employment services. It supports providers in the management of more efficient and innovative operations, while delivering job seeker life-cycle management that facilitates work outcomes.

  • Case management: Manage and propel cases forward with the basics of document management through to mentoring and behavioural science.
  • Outcome tracking: Centrally manage outcomes with full outcome claim predictions, ‘Kanban’ board and evidence document management and tracking. 
  • Vacancy management: Streamline jobseeker recommendations and referrals with batch email and SMS or multiple vacancy management. 
  • Self-service: Improve the jobseeker experience with self-service tools like chat and messaging, curated feeds, a jobs board and custom resources. 
  • Employer engagement: Recruit and engage employers with CRM, reverse marketing, pipeline management, ‘at a glance’ value information and account management. 
  • Post-placement support: Meet post-placement needs with the help of custom PPS schedules, visual PPS status reporting and tailored interventions. 

Esher House

Esher House provides behavioural science-backed assessment tools, prescriptive analytics and intervention technology at scale to empower more human-centred decisions and enhance business outcomes for providers in the employment services industry.

  • Behavioural science: Leverage a deep pool of data and insight and deploy tools that minimise risk in decision making and reveal insights and business intelligence.
  • Assessment: Determine a person’s commitment to work using peer-reviewed assessment tools that unlock mindsets using elegant, mobile-first technology.
  • Productivity: Convert attitudinal data into actionable knowledge ensuring that you direct resources where they are needed for demonstrated return on investment
  • Intervention: Deliver practical mental toughness, wellbeing and resilience training and ‘nudge’ individuals at different attitudinal stages into positive action

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