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At BSI, our purpose is to inspire trust for a more resilient world. Our solutions and services improve performance and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At BSI, our mission is to share knowledge, innovation, and best practice to help people and organizations make excellence a habit. This is underpinned by our role as the national standards body and through our prestigious Royal Charter.


Our assurance services are globally available and are delivered by experts. Whether it’s certification to a management system, training delivered by one of our experienced tutors or assuring your information is safe, we can help make your business more resilient.

Certification to a management system demonstrates to your customers, suppliers, staff and investors that you are committed to being the best you can be. Once you’ve implemented a management system, we’ll provide you with the tools, training, and expertise to ensure it adds maximum value to your organization.

BSI can help you to improve performance and grow sustainably through a range of management systems standards including:

  1. DESE Information Security Scheme
  2. Quality Management – ISO 9001
  3. Information Security – ISO/IEC 27001
  4. Workforce Australia Quality Assurance Framework (QAF Audits)
  5. National Standards to Disability Services (NSDS) Audits
  6. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Audits
  7. Privacy Information Management – ISO/IEC 27701
  8. Occupational Health and Safety Management – ISO 45001


At BSI Training Academy, we have one aim – to transfer our expertise to you. Key benefits of training:

  1. Create a competitive advantage
  2. Improve critical knowledge across the organization
  3. Maintain credibility within your industry
  4. Add value to your organization and people
  5. Build a more efficient workforce

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To find out more about how you could benefit, contact Dev Naren at BSI Group today.