Work for the Dole

jobactive wfd - Work for the Dole (WfD)

Work for the Dole (WfD) is a program that places job seekers receiving support under jobactive into activities where they can gain skills, experience and confidence while giving something back to their community.

Eligible job seekers are required to participate in WfD or another approved activity for six months each year to keep receiving their income support. Job seekers continue to look for work and maintain regular contact with their provider while undertaking WfD.

WfD can help job seekers to:

Develop the skills that employers want

Show they are ready to start work

Make contacts who can be referees

Get involved in their local community

From 2015 until 2018, WfD was overseen by Coordinators. In the 2017-18 Budget, it was announced that the WfD Coordinator contracts would be discontinued as of Jan 1, 2018.

WfD Coordinator contracts were introduced as part of the jobactive programme. One WfD Coordinator was contracted to each of the 51 jobactive Employment Regions. Their role was to identify potential host organisations, to secure WfD places and to connect the organisations with jobactive providers.

As of 2018, jobactive providers will themselves take over the responsibilities of the WfD Coordinators.

Email the NESA Helpdesk or call us on 03 9624 2390 for any further information about changes to the WfD Coordinator Contracts