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“NESA’s Dr. Colin Harrison shines a spotlight on the problems with common conceptions of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural difference’, and suggests a much simpler and more effective way to approach cultural and linguistically diverse clients…”

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“Our colleague at NESA, Dr. Colin Harrison, has a Ph.D in Neurocognitive Linguistics – the study of how our brains process and produce language. He’s written a fascinating paper for the Toolkit. He talks about the importance of being ‘altercentric’ (being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes) and has another startling conclusion – that words have no meaning!”

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“I saw an episode on Insight on SBS on 11 August 2020.  It was called ‘Negotiators’.  As Employment Consultants we often negotiate – with job seekers, employers, and a range of other stakeholders.  This was a fascinating program, and I think it’s well worth watching.  As the synopsis says:

‘Expert negotiators explain how to resolve conflict, with personal stories of when things go right, when they go wrong and the techniques behind how to negotiate better.’

Here’s a link to the program.”

SBS TV.  Insight: Negotiators >