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NESA National Conference 2017 - NESA Disability Forums

21 June 18 | MELBOURNE

NESA Disability Forum

New Days New Ways

Topics covered:
• Making Connections
• Service Management
• Maximising Performance

NESA DES Forum March 2018 - NESA Disability Forums

17 May 18 | MELBOURNE

Business Development and Marketing Skills Forum

‘Being in Demand’

Topics covered:
• Grow your brand and position your organisation as the ‘go to’ DES provider
• Define your unique value proposition and potential niche markets
• Attract participants and employers
• Build your own powerful network of referrers, partners and alliances

NESA Leadership Forum - NESA Disability Forums

21 March 18 | SYDNEY

NESA Disability Forum

Person Centredness in Employment Settings

Topics covered:

  • What does a Person Centred Disability Employment Service look like? 
  • Demystifying Person Centredness and work
  • Enhancing Employment Services through Person Centredness
  • Values that underpin Person Centredness and work
  • Culture and Person Centredness in employment contexts
  • Supporting one another and growing in Person Centredness
  • Being a Person Centred Support in an Employment Service

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