June 16, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
On line in 3 parts
Cost for NESA members $180 and non-members $225 (inclusive of GST) per registrant. One payment for the three part series.
Max Croft

NESA Coaching Program


Performance Management for New Leaders and Other Beginners coaching program

Wednesday 16, 23, & 30 June 2021

Starts 2.00pm AEST (1.30pm in SA, & NT and 12 noon in WA)



All managers, team leaders and aspiring mangers


The mere mention of the term ‘performance management’ is enough to send a shiver up the spine of new managers/team leaders and their staff. Many of us immediately think of nerve-wracking performance appraisals and sleepless nights prior to those underperformance discussions. It doesn’t have to be like this.

This 3-part coaching program introduces new team leaders, and those looking for new ideas or to benchmark, to some of the key elements of performance management. While Most providers will have extensive HR assistance and Performance Management Frameworks, this coaching program focuses on an inclusive outcome centred approach to addressing, rewarding or re-aligning staff performance.


Session 1 – Performance Management Framework? It’s much more than a Performance Agreement! – Wednesday 16 June 2021 at 2.00pm AEST (1.30pm SA & NT and 12 noon WA)

In this session we’ll look at performance management and why it’s so important to the success of an organisation. Good performance management is like preventative medicine: people and organisations can thrive, and costs of solving staffing problems are reduced. What does good performance management look like? What does a good Performance Agreement look like? We’ll talk about it today.

We’ll also commence work on our coaching program project – to develop a Performance Agreement template for frontline staff.

Session 2 – Performance Appraisal and Managing Under Performance – Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 2.00pm AEST (1.30pm SA & NT and 12 noon WA)

A good Performance Management Framework allows people and organisations to flourish. Performance Appraisal is an integral part of the ongoing performance management process. Most of us are good at good news. Sometimes, however, there will be performance issues that we need to address. In a few cases we may need to work through a more formal under performance management process. In today’s session we’ll look at the Performance Appraisal process and managing under performance.

Session 3 – Over to You…. – Wednesday 30 June 2021 at 2.00pm AEST (1.30pm SA & NT and 12 noon WA)

Over the last two weeks participants have been developing a Performance Agreement template for the ‘employment consultant role’. Today is ‘show and tell’ day! What performance indicators did you include in your template? How will you measure performance, and what will your evidence sources be?


Damien Opolski

Many of you will know Damien from his time as the director of the Department’s Learning Centre. Over the years he’s played a key role in the delivery of both policy and systems information, training and performance management. If you’ve been in the sector for a while you’ve most likely seen him at an information session or heard him via webinar. In this role he was responsible for the performance of up to 150 staff.

Earlier in his career he spent a number of years on the ‘front line; Damien estimates that he has conducted over 10,000 job seeker interviews and worked with hundreds of employers.

Damien is an excellent communicator, who enjoys interacting and sharing his system expertise with his audience.

Damien has a Bachelor of Economics from Adelaide University, as well as Diplomas in Training and Assessment, and Project Management. He’s also a qualified Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages.”

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NESA Member

$ 180
per registrant
  • Prices are inclusive of GST

NON Member

$ 225
per registrant
  • Prices are inclusive of GST


Each webinar session is expected to run for approximately 60 minutes including ample Q&A and discussion time. A PDF copy of the presentation will be distributed to all registrants. Once the series has been completed, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


For further information on NESA PD training events please contact Max Croft: +61 3 9624 2311  |  EMAIL