December 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Hard Conversations and the relationship-building process

Wednesday 29 December 2021

3.00pm AEDT (2.30pm in SA, 2.00pm in QLD, 1.30pm in NT and 12 noon in WA)

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Hard or confrontational conversations are an inevitable part of the job of a front line employment services consultant, and are a critical moment in the relationship-building process. Getting these exchanges right is very important. Getting them wrong is unfortunately very easy.

Listen to Dr. Colin Harrison, as he explores the key issues underlying effective verbal communication in general, and in confrontational situations in particular.


  • How meaning works (you might be surprised!)
  • Communicative styles and their utility
  • The fight or flight response and how to manage it
  • The importance of altercentrism
  • Speaking with your ears (active listening strategies)

Understanding these things will position you better to deal with hard conversations in a way that allows you to remain calm and focussed. You should come away with strategies to put into place to improve your communicative behaviour, which will have a positive effect on your professional environment, your own peace of mind, and your effectiveness as a front line consultant.

Our expert

Dr. Colin Harrison

Colin holds a PhD in Neurocognitive Linguistics, and has 30 years 2019 experience in the domain of language and communication. He has been a tertiary educator, adult trainer and professional facilitator in Australia, the US and France, and is a Maître de Conférences with the French Éducation Nationale.

He has directed academic departments, run cultural adaptation workshops for multinational companies and managed international exchange programmes. He has a particular love for, and focus on effective interpersonal and cross-cultural communication.

Colin is the founder and Director of H C Maïa Services.

H C Maïa Services, based in Melbourne, Australia, offers professional writing, infographic, document preparation and business liaison services.

Ring 0490 042 256 to speak with Colin


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This recording will run for no more than an hour.


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